At Rosangi Security Group Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of cyber security and data privacy services to help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities and respond to incidents. Our services are designed to help you build confidence, understand and react to threats and vulnerabilities, protect what's important and secure your environment. We advise senior management and Boards on shaping a strategic response to risk as well as providing detailed technical analysis. We help our clients address the legal issues around breaches and data privacy, and build a culture and environment where people understand how to behave securely and do the right thing. We help you manage risks and build confidence in your digital future.

Cyber Security Analysts

Our security audits and penetration testing services rely on highly skilled security professionals and penetration testers, with experience in both defense and offense, while holding the most recognized certifications in the industry.

Cyber Security
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services

Rosangi Security Group Ltd takes the time to understand our client’s business and think like an attacker would. This allows us to gain a holistic overview, as well as a technical point of view. Using set objectives, we will identify the weakest link first, and then escalate until one or several bastions fall, and we gain privileged access to information or systems.

Web Applications

Comprehensive penetration test of your web applications, web services and APIs that may be used to store and access critical business information, with the goal to identify and exploit web-borne vulnerabilities. Our pen-testers will use advanced skills and techniques required to test modern web applications and next-generation technologies.

Web Applications
Mobile Applications

Expert level of service

Our specialists have a service warranty and service the equipment purchased, as well as amenities such as free phone service customer support. Given the experience of our experts, you can be sure of a professional, timely completion of all installation work on your site surveillance and/or security systems.

Network & Server Infrastructure

Evaluation of your internal or external information assets’ ability to withstand attacks. Our world-class penetration testers, armed with the same techniques as cybercriminals, will attempt to break into your network, IT infrastructure, and servers to raise awareness about vulnerabilities and the effects of exploitation, as well as end-user adherence to security policies.

Network &
Server Infrastructure

Wireless Networks

Comprehensive wireless penetration testing services, ranging from traditional Wi-Fi networks to specialized wireless systems, which include identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing guidance to strengthen such identified weaknesses.