Give your business the security it deserves with a completely installed, 24/7 monitored ROSANGI SECURITY system. Installing a reliable intrusion detection system is an easy, straightforward way for businesses to help prevent break-ins to their buildings. ROSANGI Security designs, installs, services, and monitors burglar alarm security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, banks and credit unions, colleges and universities, government facilities, and more.
ROSANGI Security intrusion security systems provide a flexible and economic solution to meet your building security needs. Utilizing industry standard technology, we strategically locate detection equipment throughout your business to maximize your coverage against security risks and intruders. This proven solution utilizes the latest in detection technology that is UL approved and professionally installed.
Whether you need an alarm system for a single location, want to secure multiple buildings on a campus, need a highly integrated intrusion detection system for a complex facility, or are looking for a strategic security provider to protect hundreds of locations across the country, we can protect what is important to you – your confidential information, property, and people.